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Azizi Magazine

Azizi Family & ChildAzizi, (meaning Precious in Swahili), is the new publication targeted at the African family. Azizi is a new concept of directory and magazine all in one. Her pages will be packed with articles, and information pertaining to the African family, culture & lifestyle. Our adverts and articles will include but not be limited to –
● Health Nutrition & beauty Business
● Finance & enterprise International interests
● Education & Family
● African History Culture & living
● Business listings and much more…!!
Our advertising rates are a fraction of the cost of a regional newspaper and yet we have a much longer shelf life. Typically our readers hold onto their copy and refer to it regularly ensuring advertisers benefit from maximum exposure.
Just to note – we launched the first UK Black Links Business Directory (Printed Publication) back in 1997. 95 % of people still have their copies.

UK Black Links Business Directory. The first of its kind in the UK.

UK Black Links Business Directory. The first of its kind in the UK.

Many printed magazines on the market do not offer a cultural informative or a business perspective which mirrors the readers needs..  Azizi will be that link, yes we are in the age of social media, however, studies have shown that magazine advertising can offer brands a return of investment of 130%, making it one of the most rewarding media
channels for businesses.
CirculationAzizi will have a circulation of 2500 copies with a proportion being supplied on a complimentary basis to advertisers, and distributed to Libraries, African & Caribbean events and conferences, retail shops and community centres.
Readership Azizi will have a readership of 10,000 as copies will be in key locations, coffee tables, colleges, homes and offices up and down London and surrounding areas. The beauty of Azizi is that its readers are diverse they are business owners, parents, and students, so reaches the widest possible audience.
Advertising – By advertising in Azizi, companies speak specifically to the UK African Caribbean & mixed community. When an Aizizi reader sits down, they go on an exciting and informative journey of cultural self discovery, opportunities from a factual source, handy business hints and tips, nutritional resources and much more. The Azizi reader is one, who understands where they are coming from and – most importantly – where they are going.
Content – The Azizi content is creative and very unique, our writers range from aged 14 upwards, and have a varied background and perspective on modern life in the UK. Our youth pages will offer readers an insight into the views and opinions of those under 30, and see the world through the eyes of a teen.
Advertise from as little as £35, for more info email azizi@ukblack-links.com

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