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Brent Fostering ~ Every Child Needs a Family

7165e49845-beeaf60d-9db0-4f98-b790-3cfcf79e4e8a_image_jpegBrent is committed to safeguard and promote the welfare of each child as paramount. The Fostering Service is committed to provide a range of safe and secure foster placements to help children to develop and enjoy stable relationships with significant adults who can best meet their needs including their religious, ethnic and cultural needs Our fostering and adoption information evenings are presented in a very relaxed atmosphere where you will be given the opportunity to talk to a member of staff and find out more about each process.Brent has a widely diverse community; recruitment activity and assessment

processes respond positively to the diversity and differences in child rearing practices, family values and attitudes in order to recruit from a wide pool of carers across the different spectrums of racial, cultural, religious and social classes living in Brent


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