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Business in Africa Pays:

Business in Africa Pays:

CameroonAttending the UK Black Links Business Expo and will give you a snippet of the up and coming African & Caribbean Relocation and Investment Summit Conference which is taking place on Saturday 4th October at Westminster University Padding Green campus. the conference and find out why entrepreneurs are climbing over each other to do business in this region of Africa.

World Bank projections indicate that Ghana will have the fastest growth rate on the continent. In 2013 the Ghanaian emerging market is a hotspot for foreign investors and project developers in a plethora of industries.

This level of performance has been stimulated by the prevalence of relative peace coupled with private sector competitiveness, human resource development, good governance and civic responsibility.

With the population of Ghana at an estimated 25 million, investment in this economy is well worth investigating

Source London Chamber 2003

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