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UK Black Business Stats


UK Black Business Stats The Black population of the UK is 4.6 million and 7.9% of the total population according to the 2001 census. 47.6% of the total number of ethnic minorities in the UK live in the Greater London area. All ethnic minority groups make up 28.8% of London’s population of which 12.2% is Asian/Asian British and 10.1% is ... Read More »

UK Black Links Business Expo 2014


UK Black Links Business Expo 2014 Merging African & UK Businesses Details for 2015 Coming Soon Book Tickets UK Businesses & Networking African & Caribbean business owners are in a unique position, not only can they benefit from their similar cultural make up, but they can also have a stronger position whenimporting goods and services from Africa or the Caribbean. ... Read More »

Business opportunities and natural resources in Ghana


Business opportunities and natural resources in Ghana Ghana is endowed with abundant natural wealth, including vast agricultural, mining and human resources. Along with its growing manufacturing sector, agriculture remains a key sector of the economy. The agrarian sector employs 60 percent of the Ghanaian workforce and makes up almost 44 percent of the country’s GDP. Cocoa is the second-largest export, ... Read More »