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Oppourtunities in Africa

Business in Africa Pays:


Business in Africa Pays: Attending the UK Black Links Business Expo and will give you a snippet of the up and coming African & Caribbean Relocation and Investment Summit Conference which is taking place on Saturday 4th October at Westminster University Padding Green campus. the conference and find out why entrepreneurs are climbing over each other to do business in ... Read More »

Opportunities in Nigeria


Opportunities in Nigeria With more of us traveling to the Motherland and Caribbean, we are seeing the opportunities and possibilities of expanding our business opportunities beyond where we reside. ┬áNigeria has always been a great place to do business, there is a wealth of natural resources, farming and agriculture is big business and the property sector is one of the ... Read More »

African & UK Businesses


Business opportunities and natural resources in Ghana Ghana is endowed with abundant natural wealth, including vast agricultural, mining and human resources. Along with its growing manufacturing sector, agriculture remains a key sector of the economy. The agrarian sector employs 60 percent of the Ghanaian workforce and makes up almost 44 percent of the country’s GDP. Cocoa is the second-largest export, ... Read More »