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Ecnomically Empowering Our Community

Cheryl Phoenix Henry Founder ~

Took On The System and Won


7576fca641-1391911248603Cheryl Phoenix Henry is a mother, business owner & philanthropist. In 2011 Cheryl began a campaign which highlightied the case of direct racism in her sons school, her case sparked media attention in the form of a double page spread in the Guardian, a bill being raised in parliament, BBC radio Interviews and one of the top Educational Barristers fighiting for the rights of Black children who face institutional racism in the UK. Cheryl tours the UK telling her story about taking on the UK Government departments and schools plus arming parents with the knowledge of how to navigate the ever changing system. Cheryl saw her son go from a top acheiving pupil to one who at the age of 14 quickly fell into what can only be described as depression. With no support, but sheer determination, Cheryl’s mission is to continue to highlight the issues within the system which have plagued the African & Caribbean community since they came in the 1960’s. But, to also allow parents the strength to support their child and work with the schools / establishment their child may be part of.


The Black Child Agenda tackles the issues which is known as the “Schools to Prison Pipeline” this is a term used to break down the systematic and racist way teachers and establishments are penalising Black boys from as young as five years old. There is a huge increase in the diagnosis of ADHD and Autism amongst Black boys , why is no one questioning this? A 350% increas in the drugging of Black children should be alarming, however we are silently walking our way to a nation of drugged adults who will be dependent on the Pharmaceutical industry to get through daily life.

 The Black Child Agenda is a Platform to Discuss the Issues and Offer Solutions.

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