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Opportunities in Nigeria

Opportunities in Nigeria

With more of us traveling to the Motherland and Caribbean, we are seeing the opportunities and possibilities of expanding our business opportunities beyond where we reside.

 Nigeria has always been a great place to do business, there is a wealth of natural resources, farming and agriculture is big business and the property sector is one of the fastest growing on the planet.

 There are over 150 million people resident in Nigeria and the population in Nigeria is been predicted to overtake that of United States by 2050. Now what this means in essence is that the market is big enough to absorb any product, provided enough marketing and awareness is created. Another positive impact of this population statistics is that there is cheap labor. One of the reasons China grew to become an industrial hub is because of her large population, which in turn brought down the cost of labor.

 Nigeria is fast developing and there is a huge need for innovative products. If you are resident in Nigeria, kindly reflect on the position of Nigeria ten years back and compare it with her present state; you will agree with me that there is a huge change.

 Economically, technologically, etc; Nigeria is growing, whether you admit it or not won’t change the fact. That is why entrepreneurs and institutional investors from countries like South Africa, China, Lebanon, Brazil, India, etc are scrambling to invest in Nigeria because they see the potential that we citizens don’t see.

 The UK Black Links Business expo will assist in these businesses networking, open new business links and showcase their products and services to new customers. With the global community becoming smaller there has been much interest in the UK Black Business community expanding their businesses to other countries like Africa and the Caribbean. This event will offer these businesses the opportunity to gather information on new opportunities within these countries.

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