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08b7808bf5-DeleBoladele Adewale Abiodun Akinlade

Founder of the UK Black Links Business Directory

UK Black Links was founded by Dele Akinlade back in 1995. After a trip to Atlanta Dele came back with the idea to create a platform for black businesses in the UK to recycle the black pound. Dele was a stockbroker and was on a six figure salary, he was so passionate about creating a service for the Black community he gave up this job. With his last months salary he started the UK Black Links Business Directory.

Dele knew he could not do this alone, so called on friends and family to become part of the dream. The team grew very quickly and UK Black links became one of the very few businesses of its time to hire a FULL Black team, they had a design team, administration, sales, marketing and PR. The business was thriving and the Black community understood the concept and the need for our own economic medium. The UK Black Links Business Directory won many awards and was recgonised by the prime minster, The CRE, The Bank of England and other figures in the UK.


UK Black Links Business Directory.

UK Black Links Business Directory.

The UK Black Links became a great success, it was distributed up and down the UK. The black business community had something which they could use to support the Black pound. It is a fact that the Jewish community rotate their money twelve times within their community, Asians nine times and within the Black community less than twice. This is a shocking and sad indictment upon our community, considering that in the UK we spend in excess of £40billion annually.



UK Black Links Dele Cheryl

This was the last photo taken of Dele & Cheryl Phoenix  before he passed away in February 2007. Dele suffered from Sickle Cell disease he fought for two years after a crisis on February 14th in 2005. Due to many hospital negligence instances Dele went from having a general crisis to having multi organ failure, kidney failure having to learn to walk again o his death in 2007.

Dele left behind three biological and three adopted sons, his partner Cheryl Phoenix and  his legacy of the UK Black Links Business Directory, which continues to be a fixture in the minds and memories of those who still have their very first copy from 16+ years ago. Cheryl Phoenix still continues the work which they had planned to do even back then, she has also changed some of the direction of the legacy, but continues to  keep Dele’s memory alive.


NB: Cheryl Phoenix would like you ALL to know that she has not given ANYONE authority to call businesses on her behalf, she has not instructed any other organisation company or business to contact customers, nor has she sold any company to any other agency. If you do receive a call from any company or organisation who have said that they know of Cheryl Phoenix, and have discussed any business activities please do not engage with them as this is not the case.