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UK Black Business Stats

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The Black population of the UK is 4.6 million and 7.9% of the total population according to the 2001 census. 47.6% of the total number of ethnic minorities in the UK live in the Greater London area. All ethnic minority groups make up 28.8% of London’s population of which 12.2% is Asian/Asian British and 10.1% is Afro-Caribbean. 21.8% of the UK’s

Pakistani community are self-employed, being the largest percentage of self-employed in any

ethnic group in the UK. The significance of the ethnic minority contribution to London’s economy has only begun to be fully recognised in recent years.

 Nigel Griffiths, Small Firms Minister, said in November 2002 “Ethnic minority businesses are amongst the most entrepreneurial in society. There are 250,000 ethnic minority enterprises in the UK contributing £13 billion a year to the British economy”.

 As companies and businesses owned by ethnic minorities are formed or registered in the same way as all other businesses, there are no detailed, authoritative statistics to give a

comprehensive picture, and estimates can vary widely. However, there have been a number of surveys and reports published by various bodies in recent years containing statistics or informed estimates which make clear the scale and importance of ethnic minority businesses

to both the UK and particularly the London economy. However, there is no definitive figure for the contribution of ethnic business to the London economy.

Source London Chamber 2003

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