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UK Black Links Business Expo 2014

UK Black Links Business Expo 2014

Merging African & UK Businesses

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UK Businesses & Networking

African & Caribbean business owners are in a unique position, not only can they benefit from their similar cultural make up, but they can also have a stronger position whenimporting goods and services from Africa or the Caribbean. It is known that many micro businesses may not have the individual purchasing power to bring in goods and sell them at a competative rate, but with networking with like minded and csimilar businesses this will assist in getting better opportunities for business growth and expansion. There are also many medium sized businesses offering a range of products and services to the wider community.

 The UK Black Links Business Expo is a perfect platform for business owners to network with each other and create new business links.

 With more of us traveling to the Motherland and Caribbean, we are seeing the opportunities and possibilities of expanding our business opportunities beyond where we reside. Africa and the Caribbean has always been a great place to do business, there is a wealth of natural resources, farming and agriculture is big business and the property sector is one of the fastest growing on the planet.

 The UK Black Business community is a very interesting one, contrary to popular belief there are over 20,000 Black owned businesses within the UK & Ireland. These businesses range from SME’s to micro one man bands based in the home or done part time.

 The UK Black Links Business expo will assist in these businesses networking, open new business links and showcase their products and services to new customers. With the global community becoming smaller there has been much interest in the UK Black Business community expanding their businesses to other countries like Africa and the Caribbean. This event will offer these businesses the opportunity to gather information on new opportunities within these countries.

 UK Black Business is worth a staggering £40billion pounds to the UK economy. How much of this is spent within the African Community?

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